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11.02. 2018

Kdo získal letos negativní cenu ošklivého trpaslíka Plagiarus 2017?


Original vs. Plagiarism - Negative Award “Plagiarius“ sheds public light on shameless counterfeits!

~~On February 09, 2018, the negative award “Plagiarius” was awarded for the 42th time. The German Campaign “Aktion Plagiarius” annually grants this anti-prize at the “Ambiente”, the world’s largest consumer goods trade fair (Frankfurt / Germany), during an international press conference. The award was given to those manufacturers and distributors whom the jury has found guilty of making or selling "the most flagrant" imitations. Again, the prize winners show the wide range of industries affected by counterfeits and reveal that product- and brand piracy is a global problem.
The goal of “Aktion Plagiarius” is to denounce the counterfeiters’ unscrupulous business practices who pilfer intellectual property and pass it off as their own creative achievement; and to raise public awareness of this complex problem that exists among industry, politicians and consumers.
The “Plagiarius” award remains silent about on whether a plagiarism is legal or otherwise. Aktion Plagiarius does not nor wants to pass judgement. However, the registered society can call attention to the problems that affected businesses must face and express the opinion, “that clumsy 1:1 imitations are unimaginative and morally objectionable and lead to stagnation”. In this context, Aktion Plagiarius emphasises “that legal competing products which follow a trend, but differ sufficiently in design and technology from the original product in fact stimulate fair competition, and therefore are explicitly required”.
Aktion Plagiarius also offers:
• individual Plagiarius-exhibitions "Original vs. Counterfeit" and
• lectures/presentations on the problem of product- and brand piracy – informative, practical and concise !
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