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18.05. 2020 - 18.05. 2020

Mood for Wood international design workshops - Mezinárodní workshop Mood fot Wood s tématem Neighbourhood

Workshopy a semináře

Pro studenty z České republiky je vyhrazeno jen 12 míst!

Neighbourhood ​ is the slogan of the summer edition of the From July 23 to August  3 in Cieszyn, students and young designers from Poland, Czechia,  Hungary and Slovakia will design and build urban furniture for  residents on both Polish and Czech sides of the border. The  workshops are organised by SARP (Polish Architects’  Associations) Poznań and the Common Point Association.    

Mood for Wood is an international design workshop for students and young designers  interested in a hands-on implementation of their ideas. Over the course of twelve (!) days of  workshops, with the help of recognised architects and designers from around the world and  experienced carpenters, students will design and construct pieces of urban furniture for  selected local communities in Cieszyn. It is the design stage - with the help of participatory  tools - that distinguishes the Mood for Wood project from similar student workshops.  Participants not only make furniture by themselves, but also determine their form in  cooperation with the residents.  Students will work on a specific location, meet the users of  the space, get to know their needs, and tackle issues related to a particular place. In order to  create their designs, participants' ideas must receive the approval of recipients (users). Then,  on the basis of the developed cost estimate, they place an order for specific materials which  will be used to hand-build furniture or installations.     The main summer edition of the Mood for wood workshop will be held in Cieszyn from July  23 to August 3. The theme of the summer edition will be ​Neighbourhood, ​ and its participants  will be designers and students from Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia, who will create  furniture with the aim of integrating residents on both sides of the border.     

Summer edition - Neighbourhood   

One of the most difficult challenges in shaping the space of today's cities is to provide a  framework for meeting others as well as for finding a sense of belonging to a community. To  create places where diversity will not be associated with fear or exclusion, and where the  community will not be based on closure and fear of others, but where everyone will be able  to find the right balance between privacy and belonging. Simply, places where strangers  become neighbours. Creating such spaces seems particularly important in places like  Cieszyn. The city, politically divided 100 years ago between Poland and Czechia, seems to  be an ideal training ground in the quest to build communities and a sense of neighbourhood  through architecture and spatial interventions. Do you want to take on this challenge with  us?       

Student recruitment 

Applications can be submitted through the application form on the​website from the 18th of March until the 18th of May. Organisers  will contact successful applicants via e-mail before the 22nd of May.    

Important info    

Due to COROVID-19 outbreak any payment will not be necessary during the application  period. The application fee for qualified participants will not be required until we will be  100% sure that the workshop will take place.  

 Cost:  150 euro    Cost of the workshops includes:  - accommodation in Cieszyn during the period 23.07-03.08.2020  - full board (breakfast, lunch, supper)  - coffee breaks  - travel to/from Cieszyn ( students from Czech Republic – departure in Prague or Brno,  students from Hungary – departure from Budapest, students from Slovakia – departure  from Bratislava, students from Poland - public transport from any location in the country)  - public transport in Cieszyn  - Health and Safety training – ending with a certificate  - work materials for the workshops  - package of gadgets from Mood for Wood 


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